Distribution Simplified

We can get your music delivered to all the major streaming platforms in a week, thereafter on the rest of the platforms. Also, whenever we partner with a new store your music will be automatically made available there without you incurring any additional charges.

To make the process as simple as possible you will have hands on support from our distribution experts, whenever you need them.

Free UPC & ISRC code

We provide free UPC /ISRC codes. It is automatically generated and assigned when you submit the song or you can put your own codes


You can opt-in to deliver your music to Facebook & Instagram to be added on their stories feature. Also, monetise your song whenever any user uploads it on Soundcloud and YouTube. Access all these add-ons without any extra cost.


We do monthly payments. Once we receive the money from the platform, we pay it to you in the month after that with a detailed statement.