Our journey started in January 2019, with the aim of making music distribution simple & marketing results driven.

Let’s Begin With Distribution

Making your songs available everywhere is crucial, you never know where your next fan might come from and also it’s always better from the existing fans perspective as they can choose to experience songs on the platform which they enjoy. This is why we work hard to make sure that your music is available on all the platforms which matter.

Marketing Efficiently, So That You Build Fans

Getting songs heard has always been the biggest challenge, now more than ever. With so many songs releasing every single day, reaching the right audience on the right platform efficiently, getting their attention and eventually turning them into your fans is tricky. With our marketing expertise we wanted to solve it. Also, it’s always gratifying to connect an artist to a potential fan because we all know that music has a huge impact on one’s life.

We Are Your Partner, Not Just Another Service Provider

For us, a great customer experience is the most important value. We work very hard so that you feel that we are your trusted partner and a part of your journey. We do not want to be just one of those companies in your list with whom you work with, we aim to be an extension of your team.

The Road Ahead

Distribution and marketing is just the beginning, we are working hard to bring new services and build tools which will help you automate, grow and manage your business with enhanced productivity and efficiency.


You took out your valuable time to read our story, this means a lot to us.

Thank You!